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REMEMBER: We must have a copy of your DEA Certificate on file before we ship any medication.  Please fax it to (856) 753-8736

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Get $10 Off your first order of $50 or more by enrolling in CartSmart, Mr CrashCart's FREE automatic drug expiration date tracking and recall notification service.

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  1. Call (800) 858-9592 to create an account & provide your DEA Certificate.
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  3. After logging in, enter your drug Expiration Dates & Lot #'s into CartSmart below.

You can do this last step any time and will always be able to edit it by logging in. Think of this as your own online inventory.

Mr CrashCart will electronically notify you of upcoming drug expiration dates and product recalls for your online inventory.   Future purchases with Mr CrashCart will be added to the CartSmart inventory. 

Mr Crash Cart will never automatically charge you or place any order on your behalf.  CartSmart is a notification system that helps make your life easier and crash cart safer, absolutely free. 

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Name Description Lot # Exp. Date
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Actidose-Aqua 25 gm (4 oz.)
Adenosine 3mg/2mL Syringe 6mg/2ml (fill volume) 3mg/ml syringe
Adenosine 6mg 2mL vials Adenosine 6mg 2mL vials
Albuterol Inhaler (Ventolin) 90 MCG INH 18GM (200 METERED SPRAYS)
Albuterol Inhaler (Ventolin) Albuterol Inhaler 90mcg (60 METERED SPRAYS)
Ambu-Spur II Resuscitator For Single Patient Use
Aminophylline 10ml 250mg/ml single dose vial
Amiodarone 150mg/3ml single dose vial
Ammonia Inhalant Aspirol 0.3ml/Box of 12
Aspirator Suction Unit-Portable
Atropine Sulfate 1 ml 1mg/ml single dose vial
Atropine Sulfate Syringe 10ml .1mg/ml 20g Life Shield Syringe
Bacteriostatic .9% NaCl 30ml Bacteriostatic .9% NaCl **MANUFACTURER BACKORDER**
Calcium Chloride Syringe 10% 1.36mEq/ml (100mg/ml) 18G. Safety injector
Clindamycin Injection 150mg/mL 25 x 2 mL Clindamycin Injection 150mg/mL 25 x 2 mL single-dose vials. **MANUFACTURER BACKORDER**
D5W 100mL IV Bags D5W 100mL IV Bags
D5W 250 ml IV Bag 5% in water 250ml
D5W 500 ml IV Bag 500ml IV Bag (5% Dextrose)
Dextrose 50%, 50mL Dose, 10 x Carton 50% 50ml 500mg/ml 18ga Abboject 10 Units per carton MFR: Hospira **MANUFACTURER BACKORDER**
Dextrose 50%, 50mL, 25 x Vial Carton 50%, 50mL per dose, 25 pack carton (25 total vials) **MANUFACTURER BACKORDER**
Digoxin (Lanoxin) 2ml .25mg/ml ampule
Diphenhidramine (Benadryl) 1ml 50mg/ml single dose vial
Dipyridamole (Persantine) 50mg/10ml Vial
Dobutamine 250 mg/ml 20ml Vials
Dopamine 200mg, 40mg/ml 5ml vial **MANUFACTURER BACKORDER**
Dopamine 400mg, 40mg/ml 10mlvial
Endotracheal Tubes 7.0
Endotracheal Tubes 7.5
Endotracheal Tubes 8.5
Endotracheal Tubes 6.5mm Endotracheal Tubes 6.5mm
Epinephrine 1ml 1:1,000 1mg/ml ampule
Epinephrine Syringe 10ml 1:10,000 20 ga Safety Injection
EpiPen 0.15mg Epinephrine Auto-Injector Jr. (2 Pack) **Generic equivalent of EpiPen 0.15mg Jr.
EpiPen 0.3mg Epinephrine Auto-Injector (2 Pack) **Generic equivalent of EpiPen 0.3mg Adult
Furosemide 20mg vial 2ml 10mg/ml
Furosemide 40mg vial 10mg/ml single dose vial
Glucagen Diagnostic Vial Glucagen 1mg/1mL vial
Heparin 1000 units/1ml Vial
Inderal (Propranolol) 1ml 1mg/ml vial
IV Admin. Set 80 in macro drip with Y site
IV Admin. Set 70 in. micro drip with Y site
IV Catheter 22 gx 1 in.
IV Catheter 20 gx 1.16 in.
IV Catheter 18 gx 1.16 in.
Labetalol 5mg/mL 20mL MDV Labetalol 5mg/mL 20mL MDV, 100 mg/20mL **MANUFACTURER BACKORDER**
Laryngoscope Large
Laryngoscope Small
Laryngoscope Handle Laryngoscope Handle (Light Source)
Lidocaine 2gm/500ml D5W Lidocaine 2gm/500ml D5W
Lidocaine HCL 1% MDV 25x50mL Lidocaine HCl 1% MDV 25 x 50 mL. **MANUFACTURER BACKORDER**
Lidocaine SDV HCL 2% 100mg (20mg/ml) 5ml **MANUFACTURER BACKORDER**
Lidocaine Syringe 2% 5ml 20mg/ml 20ga Abboject
Magnesium Sulfate 50% 5gm/10mL vial 5grams/10mL vial
Metoprolol 5mg/5ml ampule
Mouth-to-Mouth Microshield/CPR Mouth-to-Mouth Microshield/CPR
NaCl- 0.9% 10ml vial (Sodium Chloride) NaCl- 0.9% 10ml vial
NaCl-0.9% (1000ml) 1000ml NaCl - 0.9% IV Bag
NaCl-0.9% (250 ml) NaCl - 0.9% (250ml) IV Bag
NaCl-0.9% (500ml) NaCl - 0.9% (500ml) IV Bag
Nalbuphine (Nubain) 1ml 10mg/ml ampule **Currently only 20mg/1mL ampule available
Naloxone (Narcan) 1ml 0.4mg/ml vial
Narcan Nasal Spray Narcan Nasal Spray 4mg (2 x o.1mL) 2 per box
Neo-Synephrine (Phenylephrine) 1ml 10mg/ml ampule
Nitro-Quick SL (4 x 25 tabs) .4mg 4x25 tabs
Nitrolinguil Pumpspray 0.4mg Nitrolinguil Pumpspray 4.9gm
Nitrostat 0.4 (100 ct bottle) 0.4 100 tablets 0.4mg 1/150 gr
Non-Rebreather Mask w/oxygen mask
Oral Airway Kit Assorted Sizes
Promethazine (Phenergan) 1ml 25mg/ml Vial
Revonto (dantrolene sodium) Injection 20mg Revonto (dantrolene sodium) Injection, 1ea single-dose 20mg vial. **MANUFACTURER BACKORDER**
Sodium Bicarbonate 8.4% 50ml 50mEq single dose vial
Sodium Bicarbonate Syringe 8.4% 50ml 50mEq 18ga Luer-Jet Syringe
Solu-Cortef 100 mg 100mg 50mg/ml act-o-vial
Solu-Cortef 250mg 250mg 50mg/ml act-o-vial
Solu-Medrol 125 mg 125mg single dose vial
Solu-Medrol 40mg 40mg 40mg/ml act-o-vial
Thermometers (Infrared/ Forehead) This product is a fever scanner that features a instant forehead infrared reader
Vasostrict (Vasopressin) 20 units/1mL **This is a refrigerated item that requires add'l fee for shipping.
Verapamil 10mg 4ml 2.5mg/ml single dose vial
Verapamil 5mg HCL 5mg/2.5ml single dose ampule

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